5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

August 30, 2018

Root canal treatments are a common procedure that is safe and effective when performed by an experienced dentist. Dr. Henry Bowman and his team provide high-quality treatments in order to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Many people tense up at the phrase ‘root canal’, but with innovations in medicine, our team can offer comfortable root canal treatments. Continue reading to learn learn of five common myths regarding root canal treatments.

  • Root canal treatment is painful. Our dental team provides the proper anesthesia for each patient designed to eliminate pain and discomfort involved during the root canal treatment. It always helps to eliminate any pain an individual might have prior to the treatment.
  • Root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic. Root canal treatments are quick and effective and typically require just one visit to our office. Other options, such as tooth extractions, require several visits that can cause much anxiety to an individual.
  • A root canal “kills” the tooth. The purpose of a tooth extraction is to clean out the infected portion inside a tooth. This involves disinfected everything and allowing it to heal.
  • Root canal procedure is not very successful. When completed by an experienced professional, root canal procedures are successful.
  • Root canal treatment causes illness. Root canal treatments focus on eliminating infection and stopping the spread of bacteria. They also help to stop reinfection from reoccurring. Our dental team works hard to keep our patients’ mouths healthy and beautiful.

If you are interested in learning more about root canal treatments or the other services we provide, then contact our dental office for more information. Call our clinic today to set up your next appointment for a thorough examination.

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