Are Adult Fluoride Treatments Necessary?

Are Adult Fluoride Treatments Necessary?

May 2, 2018

Every day, we all take in fluoride and lose fluoride. The food we eat and water allow our bodies to take in fluoride, while a process called demineralization, caused by the bacteria attacking teeth enamel, is how we lose fluoride. By eating healthy and drinking fluoridated water, we can put fluoride back into the enamel of the teeth, but a more efficient method of helping your teeth stay healthy is through a fluoride treatment at your dentist.

How Does an Adult Fluoride Treatment from My Dentist Help Me?

Fluoride helps your enamel fight against plaque and bacteria that can cause decay forming acids. Fluoride can also fight against early tooth decay and in some cases reverse it. For children under six, fluoride is an active part of the creation of permanent teeth, so it is hard for the acids to demineralize the teeth. No matter the age, fluoride helps to fight against the acids caused by bacteria. Since adults do not produce as much fluoride, they will greatly benefit from fluoride treatments.

In What Forms Is Fluoride Available?

Fluoride treatments come in many forms, but the most common are foam, gel, and varnish. The professional treatments offered by a dentist have a much higher level of fluoride when compared to toothpaste and rinses you can buy at the store. A varnish is often the most effective method since the thick material effectively coats the teeth but after the treatment, you can eat or drink immediately. Supplements in pill form can also be used for additional boosts.

Do Adults Really Need Extra Fluoride?

Additional fluoride is very beneficial for many people to help strengthen their teeth and fight cavities. While many children get treatments, not enough adults receive this beneficial treatment.

Certain Conditions Put Adults at Risk for Fluoride Loss:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Gum Disease / Gum recession
  • Dental Work
  • History of Cavities
  • Patients whose teeth have deep pits/grooves

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