Dentist Describes Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures

Dentist Describes Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures

January 16, 2019

It’s common to lose tooth because of several reasons such as dental issues, accidents, or tooth extractions. However, it has become quite easy to replace the missing tooth that too with natural looking replacements. According to dentists, the two most common ways of tooth replacement are Dental crowns and Dental bridges.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crown is a ceramic restoration which is used for covering the visible portion of the tooth. Ceramic is known for being biocompatible with our body and it is made in such as way that it matches with the natural appearance of your tooth enamel. If the dental crown is done in a right way, it can blend with the dental arch in such a way that on looker will fail to differentiate between natural teeth and the crown.

What is a Dental bridge?

Dental bridges are a little elaborate procedure than the crowns. The dental bridges are made of the dental crowns as well as false teeth which are known as Pontics. Dental bridges are also made of ceramic. The restoration is useful in the replacement of missing teeth. Dental bridges are ideal when you lose more than one tooth. Many patients consider choosing dental bridges over dental implants or the traditional dentures. Bridges are permanent than partial dentures but less costly than implants. It’s an ideal in-between option for patients where a part is also covered by the insurance.

Why Restore the Smile?

It’s important to not take tooth loss lightly and restore the smile as it can have long term implications. Broken and missing tooth need to be addressed on time for maintaining their function and appearance. It is also helpful in improving your dental health. Not just that, it improves your self confidence and image. Restoring your smile will free you from worrying about the gaps between your teeth and broken enamel. Not restoring lost tooth/ teeth can impact the facial structure and also change the shape of your face. It can also lead to jaw bone loss as there is no tooth to stimulate it.

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