Fluoride Treatment In Houston, Tx
Fluoride Treatment In Houston, Tx

At the dental office of Henry B. Bowman, DDS we believe prevention is an essential part of achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. For this reason, we recommend our fluoride treatment in Houston, TX to most of our patients. Research over the years has shown that fluoride can not only help prevent tooth decay, but may also be able to reverse early tooth decay. Are you susceptible to dental decay, want a stronger, more protected smile? Schedule an appointment with us today for your fluoride treatment in Houston, TX, 77046.

About Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found all over the Earth, in our food and even in our water! Due to the fact that fluoride has been proven to help prevent tooth decay, many synthetic products (such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc.) containing fluoride also exist.

How Does Fluoride Treatment Help?

Fluoride treatment is extremely quick, comfortable and effective. During your appointment fluoride will be applied to your teeth, this helps strengthen your teeth, remineralize them and protect them from decay. Each day as you eat food and drink beverages, bacteria feed on the food, creating acid which demineralizes your tooth enamel and causes decay. Fluoride helps protect your teeth from this harmful bacteria and acid.

Want to make sure your teeth are as protected as possible? Schedule your routine dental appointment with our Houston, TX dental office today and ask us about fluoride treatment. We’re always accepting new patients and look forward to protecting your smile!

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