Protecting Your Houston Dental Implants

Protecting Your Houston Dental Implants

July 25, 2018

Have you decided to restore your missing teeth with implant dentistry in Houston? Although your new smile isn’t exactly “real” it is still extremely important to take care of them. When taken care of properly, dental implants can actually last a lifetime, making them a wonderful investment for a permanent smile.

Treat your dental implants gently.

Although dental implants are designed to be strong and durable, it is important to make sure you treat them gently. Always be careful when eating any hard foods and NEVER use your teeth as a tool for anything.

Avoid drinking hot liquids with dental implants.

The actual implant which is securing your new tooth/teeth is actually made using metal, when drinking hot liquids this can actually heat up your implants. Always allow liquids to cool down some before drinking them.

Avoid eating hot and cold foods too closely together.

The material that your prosthetic restoration is most likely capable of expand and contracting with temperature differences, always make sure to wait a bit before consuming hot or cold foods after each other.

Do not use a vibrating toothbrush.

Did you know a screw actually attaches the implant and the restoration? Using a toothbrush which vibrates can actually loosen the implant screw, making your restoration become dislodged.

Be sure to floss gently.

That’s right, even with dental implants it is important to floss. You should however make sure you are careful as aggressive flossing could lead to damage and bacteria penetrating the gums. A WaterPik can be an excellent option for those with dental implants.

Schedule routine dental visits.

Even though your dental implants aren’t real, it is important to make sure you continue receiving routine professional dental care. Your dentist can monitor the health of your dental implants and overall oral health to make sure everything is still going well.

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