The Main Parts of Your Dental Implant

The Main Parts of Your Dental Implant

July 5, 2018

A dental implant can be utilized by your dentist to give you back the smile that you once had. A dental implant is an effective and attractive means of tooth restoration. They are a complex dentistry treatment meant to restore your smile. However, although a dental implant is a complex procedure, it is really quite simple. Before you get started with your dental implant restoration procedure, you should get to know the three main parts of your dental implant.

  1. The Dental Implant Post
  2. The dental implant post is used as the foundation of the rest of the implant. It mimics, in a realistic way, the original root of your tooth. In fact, it is even fused into your jaw bone! The dental implant post is made up of titanium, which has a natural affinity for human bone. This gives your dental implant post a very high success rate when being surgically implanted into your jaw bone. The procedure begins by making a small incision in your gum tissue; then, the implant is inserted below the gum line. Once it is in place, the titanium post will fuse with the gums and bone tissue.

  3. Abutment Posts
  4. The abutment post is the part of your implant that will attach the implant post to your new replacement tooth. Directly after the original implants post is in place, a protective cap will be positioned over the top of it. Once the soft tissue heals, and the post is fused to the bone, the abutment posts can be attached to the top of the implant post.

  5. Replacement Teeth
  6. Once the abutment posts are properly installed, we will get impressions of your bite, and design your new replacement tooth. Once the replacement tooth is designed and formulated, it will be permanently fixed to the abutment posts. All that is left is to enjoy your new realistic replacement tooth or teeth!

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